Moon Madness

The following story is made keeping in mind a writing prompt I found on Google. It is my first writing prompt; I don’t promise that it is perfect. Anyways, here it is…

I was sleeping a peaceful sleep. No nightmares to disturb me, no dreams to excite me. I still hadn’t found a suitable topic for my next newspaper article. However, I decided not to think of work for the next day, as nights as undisturbed as this were hard to find. That is, until I woke to a loud buzz on my right at 3.00 am. My phone screen was glowing. I saw an official alert: DO NOT LOOK AT THE MOON.

What was up with the moon? I am a not-so nature person, probably because of workload. From dawn to dusk, my windows are shut tight and the curtains are always drawn over them.

Considering the message a hoax, I was keeping my phone away when suddenly a text message popped up, “Lunar Eclipse on this xxJune. Catch it live @ 3 tonight.” A lunar eclipse? Ha, it won’t be easy fooling a full-time journalist.

Exactly at the moment I was to resume to my sleep, yet another message came, “What are the benefits of Moon-gazing? …… So look at it to find out.” Messages like that came in hundreds, flooding my inbox. Were they all random spams? But why were they all targeted at the same topic? Sensing something wrong, I hurriedly dialed my mom.

“Mom, what’s up with the moon?”

“Why don’t you check for yourself?”

I guessed she had no hint of the mails, so I went on briefing her up on scene, and asked for her advice.

“Stop worrying so much about useless things. Spare a minute and embrace your surroundings. By the way, it is a beautiful night tonight. Look outside.”

I cut her call.

This moon thingy was getting fast onto my nerves, so I switched off the phone, pulled the covers over my head and waited for sleep to take over and wear the night away. Just half an hour later, I felt suffocated and the room seemed stuffy. Fumbling for the window in the dark, I yanked it open. Silly me.

The moon is so full and spherical that I think it’s a Rasgulla and feel so tempted to eat it that my mouth is already watering as I really don’t get to afford too much nowadays, so must consider eating it but a Rasgulla this big might cost a fortune, which may require selling my whole house, my car, my job and most importantly, ME. I am willingly surrendering–

Don’t say it



– myself to the full and bright MOON.

Just saying these words made my body all light and my head drowsy, that I couldn’t stop saying gibberish like this at 3 am, all to myself. Was I made or something?

Nonetheless, I found myself scratching my head on the floor. Suddenly feeling alert, I checked around the house to check if something was missing. I switched on the TV to find that a psycho hypnotist projected one of his tactics up in the sky and spammed the messages to all the townsfolk. This made people stare up at the moon for what seemed like eternity. And ask why he did all this? He wanted to test his new trick (that describes the ‘psycho’ part)! Imagine what he could have done when the town was busy absorbing ‘Moon Madness’…

~Dhanishtha Saikia

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