Can’t think straight…

The following words came to my mind out of blue. It just, like CAME. I don’t know what it is― a poem, a story or something else. But instead of keeping this short thing tucked away in some corner of my notebook, I’m putting it in here. It’s just a minute’s read. Here goes something

On the way to the hospital, I lay thinking. Did Jerry escape? The startling cries, the desperate shouts― I shunned them all. The building had crashed in front of my eyes. A sudden bombing somewhere shook the whole ambulance.

On reaching the hospital, numerous calls took place. I was carried on a stretcher, bobbing up and down, to the ICU. They put me on a ventilator. What was the use? I wanted to go, don’t hold me back.

After an hour of endless fussing and nervous murmurs, it all stopped with my heartbeat. On the way to the morgue, I lay singing:

Isn’t it lovely, all alone?

Heart made of glass, my mind of stone

Tear me to pieces, skin to bone

Hello, welcome HOME.

~Dhanishtha Saikia

(The song at the end are lyrics selected from Billie Eilish’s famous song ‘Lovely’ of the album ‘Don’t Smile at Me’.)

Paying a silent homage to my paternal grandfather Prafulla Chandra Saikia, who left for his heavenly abode on 20. 5. 2021…

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