“A Little Princess”

I wrote this poem when I was in class 8th (I’m in 9th now), for a competition. The topic was ‘Books you would like to read or add in school library’. I hereby post “A Little Princess” by “Frances Hodgson Burnett” :

The book…

There never was a book

Not found in some nook

In our big and lovely school library;

The shelves— they are vast,

With stories from the past,

Making up our school very lively.

But if I were to tell

(O, hear very well)

Which new book were to go in its shelves;

It would be something fancy

With plots more than you can see

So the reader isn’t bored herself!

Or the plots may be few

As in the book with Sara Crewe,

A princess who suddenly turned a pauper,

Her story’s a bit sad

As she lost her wealthy dad,

A dad who dearly loved her daughter.

I am not sure if our library

Had this book already

The title’s something you shouldn’t forget,

The book is “A Little Princess”

It is rather a great success

And the author is “Frances Hodgson Burnett”.

~Dhanishtha Saikia (from Class 8)

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