Apart from writing, I do all kinds of other things to, in my leisure. And listening do music in an integral part of my routine.

I found Billie Eilish in early 2020. When I first listened to her song “Bad Guy”, believe me, I was ecstatic. I drifted to a different world. The tune stuck to my head to something like forever, until I listened to her other songs. She rose to fame very young; she was only 18 when people started recognizing her. You can always look her up on Wikipedia that’s why today, I’ll stick to only facts.

Here’s a poster of her which we prepared at home on Photoshop…
  1. Her full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell and was born on 18 December, 2001.
  2. Her first single was ‘Ocean Eyes’ was released on 2016 along with her brother Finneas, also a musician.
  3. She has been totally vegan since 2014.
  4. She suffers from Tourette syndrome, but she learnt to control it in public.
  5. A person with a huge fan-following on social media, Billie still thinks of it as a dangerous tool.
  6. The reason why Eilish almost never smiles in photos, is because it makes her feel ‘weak and powerless’.
  7. She is the first artiste born in the 2000’s to have a number one album. ‘Don’t Smile at Me’ is her debut album, released on 2017, followed by ‘When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?‘ in 2019.
  8. Her clothing has been always over-sized, in order to prevent people from body shaming her—until recently. The one to wear baggy clothes, she appeared in the British Vogue cover in silk dresses and corsets. She also proudly flaunts her new blonde hair color, as she’s naturally blonde.
  9. She’s the youngest person to win all four top Grammy awards in one year.
  10. She also has her own documentary film :- ‘Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry’.
  11. She has been writing music since 11 years of age.
  12. She’s five feet three inches tall.
  13. Her favourite color is black and her favourite movie is ‘Fruitvale Station’.
  14. She is a huge ‘Belieber’. She was a diehard fan of Justin Bieber when she was young, and also shared a childhood throwback with her in a frock in her room, having Bieber’s posters.
  15. ‘Ocean Eyes’ was originally recorded for her dance class. Her teacher wanted to
  16. Billie has been home schooled.
  17. Her songs are categorized in the genres electro pop, emo pop, goth pop, experimental pop, indie pop, teen pop and dark pop.
  18. Her songs are listed below:

Grammy Award (2021): Record of the Year

Grammy Award (2021): Best Song Written for Visual Media

Grammy Award (2020): Record of the Year

Grammy Award (2020): Album of the Year

Grammy Award (2020): Song of the Year

Grammy Award (2020): Best New Artist

Grammy Award (2020): Best Pop Vocal Album

So here I would like to end this post with a Billie Eilish poster I drew…

This is a snip I took from Insta; it has my signature at the down-left corner (the ‘Saikia’ part is visible though).


BTW, my favourite songs of her are listed below-

Everything I Wanted


All The Good Girls Go To Hell


I like all the other songs too, but these are especially close to heart…

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