Book Review- The Diary of a Young Girl

today’s book…

First of all- HAPPY WORLD BOOK DAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!! I am a keen bookworm and having known that we get to celebrate World Book Day every 23rd April, it gladdens me till no end. Reading a new book every now and then, I have selected ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ by ‘Anne Frank’, which I came across recently. Hence, sharing with you the insights of this famous book…

Book= The Diary of a Young Girl

Author= Anne Frank

Publisher= Penguin Publishers

This the personal journal of Anne Frank herself, who often found refuge in her diary named “Kitty”, after bad moments or simply to pass time. Originally written in Dutch, her diary also serves as an excellent piece of history, describing World War II and her struggles in being a Jew in Hitler’s time, apart fro serving as a reader’s delight.

Her diary starts from 12 June, 1942 till 1 August, 1944. When her elder sister Margot received a call for a concentration camp, her family comprising of her father, mother, sister and herself went into hiding in the attic of her father’s office, calling it “The Secret Annex”. Later, the 4 are accompanied first by a family of 3, the ‘van Daan’ parents and their son Peter van Daan, and later by a dentist named Albert Dussel. They are helped by 4 other people (staff of the office), who look after all of their needs, until the Annex resident’s arrest on the morning of 4 August, 1944.

Anne Frank (a colored picture of her I found on the net)

Calling her diary an autobiography would not be appropriate; it contains her inner emotions towards the state of the Holland, the Jews, Hitler, the war and even personal things like her dependency on her parents, her changing body with the onset of puberty, her views on all 7 other members of her hiding place, hardships faced and occasionally, abstract thoughts of her own. There were two things I could absolutely relate to. First, it sheds light upon matters dealing with being a teenager, and facing its many mood swings and newly learnt concepts. And second, it shares the likeness of being a prisoner in one’s own nest, and fearing every second to be caught and being extra careful not to alert anyone of their hideout. Similarly, we are also bearing the burden of staying at home due to the current scenario; we are in constant fear of contracting Covid 19, and need to perform activities with extra caution.

I really liked this book as it describes the many facets of life and motivates us not to fear and lose hope in the toughest of situations. I appreciate Anne Frank’s fiery spirit and admire the abilities of her diary in transforming millions of people’s take on life, even after 74 years of its first print…

Thank You

~written by

Dhanishtha Saikia, class 9

dated 23rd April, 2021


I recently came across some interesting photos regarding Anne’s life; here they are…

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