My ‘TBR’ List!!!

HI! I will be sharing those top 5 books which are in my ‘To-be-read’ book list. Today, I would take scary books. So, cutting it short, let’s get to the theeemmmm…

  1. THE INSTITUTE ~stephen king

‘The Institute’ by ‘Stephen King’ is an science fiction-horror novel by him. It has this building called The Institute, where abducted kids having powers like telekinesis and telepathy are put to corrupt uses until they drain out.

AGE RATING: I can’t make out if this book is for 13+ or 15+… But this book would stay on my TBR list until I buy it (or read it online); perhaps when I hit 14.

P.S Do check the age ratings whenever you are to read Stephen king novels, just to make sure you aren’t reading books made for adults…

2. TEN ~grechten mcneil

‘Ten’ by ‘Gretchen McNeil’ is a novel starting off with ten friends partying together in a lone island. But their fun turns to horror when the friends retrieve a tape with the message “Vengeance is mine” and then, they are murdered one by one. Is the killer some creature safely hiding in the corners of the island, or someone among them?

AGE RATING: 13 and up.

3. THE WICKED DEEP ~shea ernshaw

‘The Wicked Deep’ is a debut novel by ‘Shea Ernshaw’, which pivots around a girl, the protagonist, who knows all about the curse of the Swan sisters that haunts the town, and why they keep returning every time. At the end, she is left with the choice whether to save herself or the other character (the second character’s a secret!).

AGE RATING: 14- 17.

4. DOLL BONES ~holly black

‘Dolly Bones’ is a novel by ‘Holly Black’, which starts off with three middle- schoolers playing an adventure game with their action figures and dolls. Some time later, one of the kids have a dream in which she sees the main doll character’s ghost, asking the girl to put her back to her grave. After they are convinced that their doll is really haunted and is yearning to lie in her grave, they take up the mission upon themselves. How did the ghost die? Was it some conspiracy? That’s excatly what you need to find out…

AGE RATING: Grades 4- 8.

5. CORALINE ~neil gaiman

‘Coraline’ is an epic dark- fantasy novella by ‘Neil Gaiman’, which features a girl who discovers an “another world” which one can enter from a small door in the wall of her old, creaky mansion, in which her family shifts. And the thing is– everything is creepy in there. The photo I’ve put is actually a scene from the animated movie with the same name. Actually, both the movie and the book are a treat to the movie lovers and the bookworms.

I’ve watched the movie- which is awesome- but my personal note (to bookworms or anyone else interested in books) would be that one should always read the book BEFORE watching the film, as the film might miss out on some important points. For instance, there is the addition of the character ‘Wybie’ in the movie, which doesn’t appear in the book at all. So… just read (or watch) Coraline. It’s amazing.

AGE RATING: Is it a PG? Not sure…

So that wraps up today’s book list. Stick around for some more… Bye!

~Dhanishtha Saikia

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